Image: “Straight Line Panorama” by Denis Gadbois, ASA We know that line, shape, form, pattern, symmetry, scale, and proportion are the building blocks of both art and math. Geometry offers the most obvious connection between the two disciplines. Our theme challenges the artist to explore the parallels in their own work between geometry and art.


AIR: A mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and minute amounts of other gases that surrounds the earth and form its atmosphere.  A change in the atmosphere; a light breeze, a strong wind, a tornado.  Airborne, overhead space, sky, meteorological events. The Alberta Society of Artists invited submissions from all Alberta Artists that addressed any issues and […]

Transforming Odds and Ends

March 5 – April 29 Reception: Saturday, March 16, 1-3 pm (Open to Public) Transforming Odds & Ends – offers a reinterpretation of adornment and beautification against the definition of junk or refuse through a collection of wearable sculptures and collages. Each one adds to her visual diary of an explorative journey.  

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