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John Whittingham, BA, ASA


At various times, I have worked on themes of landscape, still life, architecture but have always been intrigued and challenged by the human figure. 

Many years ago, I witnessed firsthand some truly impressive paintings.  I say this even though I had returned from Europe only a few years before.   This experience overturned every standard I held up to that point and caused me to re-evaluate visual art.  I knew in that moment that art was capable of being a powerful and exquisite force in the world and in life.   I decided to pursue this goal with a singular fixed purpose and acquired the conviction that it would be worth any effort.  I am still learning; still pushing myself and still looking forward to the next painting. 
Today I paint full time.  Mostly in oil, sometimes in acrylic emulsion.  This should be a period of consolidation, but bringing together so much groundwork, it happens also to be a time of improvement and change. These days, you can find me in the studio, workshop, lumberyard or working with a model.  I generally work in total privacy, invisible in fact.  I have set up a website so that others can have a look and so that I am maybe a little less invisible.  A second and third website will appear later this year.

I have painted for 46 years.

HUB @ 302 Showcase Gallery
Open Tues -Fri   from 10 am – 4 pm

The Alberta Society of Artists
Crossroads Art Centre
#302 – 1235 26th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1R7
ASA Phone: (403) 265-0012

TREX Phone: (403) 262-4669

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