Deborah Catton

Deborah Catton, BFA, ASA


Primarily I paint and draw and or a combination of both at once. I am interested in texture, colour and the layering of collage with mixed media to create a depth that draws the viewer further into the image revealing more subtle nuances. I would refer to myself as a second to third generation contemporary expressionist artist influenced by historical artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Rothko, De Kooning, and Louise Borgeois for her concept of confessional art.

My canvases are filled with intense colour relationships that are very bold and bright. They are a source of freedom through the emotional release that occurs and allows for my own expression to burst forth onto the canvas in an extremely intuitive way. I play with the layering and dissolving of colour as I work through my own layers of feeling and emotion that occur in any given moment. I strive to capture the expression of emotion that is often just below the surface vs depicting in accurate  detail what is visible on the surface. I paint to capture and release inner content which presents in virtually any experience we encounter in our lives. I am interested in the layers of emotion and feeling that we carry as humans and this layering and texture will often show up in my work. For me colour is paramount as one of the first indicators of emotion and feeling and this is why it plays a very significant role in my work.

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