David Harrison

David Harrison, MA, ASA

David was born in Yorkshire, England, where he drew and painted from childhood. In high school he pursued art and design studies leading to  an advanced Certificate of Education. At the University of London he was influenced by the British Arts and Crafts tradition and was able to study directly in London’s numerous museums. Exhibitions of International artist’s   work greatly influenced his studies as did the work of British artists   Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and John Piper. Teaching in central London meant a proximity to stimulating environments where he produced numerous watercolour studies.

Arriving in Calgary in 1967, David worked for the Calgary Board of   Education as art teacher, art curriculum consultant, fine arts department   head and gifted education teacher. Completing an MA in art education at the   University of Calgary he is an articulate advocate of the arts and has spoken at local, provincial and national conferences and was program chair of the national Canadian Society for Education through Art conference in Calgary. He did seasonal teaching in art education at the Universities of Calgary and Lethbridge. As a faculty consultant to the College Board , New Jersey, he worked as a portfolio examiner for the US based Advanced Placement studio art program. He is a Past President of the Fine Arts Council of the Alberta Teacher’s Association. David has worked extensively with the art jury process and has juried numerous shows as well as being an awards juror. He is a watercolour painter and conceptual artist and his work is in numerous private collections throughout the world. He was recently elected to the Society of Canadian Artists.

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