Meet the 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Meet the 2016 Scholarship Recipients

The Alberta Society of Artists (ASA) is thrilled to announce the two recipients of the 2016 ASA Fine Arts Post-Secondary Scholarship.  Now in it’s second year,  the ASA Scholarship is awarded annually to two Fine Arts students studying in Alberta. The ASA is pleased to introduce the recipients for 2016, Jacob Dutton of the University of Alberta and Hayley Carruthers of the University of Calgary.

Jacob Dutton, pillar 1

About Jacob Dutton

Jacob Dutton is in his third year of study in the BFA program at University of Alberta in Edmonton. His decision to study art academically was a logical progression, “My life has always been focused on some form of art – from music to skateboarding,” Dutton says, “but the visual arts has always been my main fixation, so it was a natural decision to pursue fine arts in University.”

In regards to his current explorations in his work, he says it encompasses “representation, reproduction, and systems within various media, often through the lens of theoretical interests such as: semiotics, language, identity, queer theory, and systems of representation. Some artists and theorists that have influenced my work include Bell Hooks, Megan Boler, and Jenny Holzer.”

After a busy semester ahead and a solo show planned for August 2016, Dutton says that he wants to continue to develop his work and then eventually go to graduate school.

Hayley Carruthers, Grotesque Raven

About Hayley Carruthers

Prior to deciding to study fine art, Hayley Carruthers found herself enrolled in Biology. “I met a bunch of great people who were extremely enthusiastic and eager about what they were studying”, says Carruthers, “I realized that, I, as a biology student felt such indifference. It became apparent to me that what I value doing is something that I am passionate about. I made the switch into Fine Arts knowing that I would always regret the decision if I didn’t do so.”

Now in her third year of study at the University of Calgary, Carruthers says she finds herself deeply engaged in her work, “At the moment I am extremely excited about continuing my work using silkscreen methods…I am developing a texture that is somewhat distorted, illusionary and colourful, I would maybe describe it as ‘worm-like’…In my work I explore how far I can take my creativity. I am eager to explore the style I’ve developed and take it further.”

Receiving the ASA Scholarship will help with her costs to finish her degree, “I’m not quite sure what I’ll do after I graduate. Ideally, I love to find some sort of gallery work. But whatever I chose to do I plan to keep making artwork into the future.”


We wish both recipients the very best in their creative futures!

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