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Visibility of art in public life set to increase in 2014

The arts maintain a steady presence in Calgary despite the challenges often facing the community. Public art is a common sight downtown, including the sculpture Wonderland, by Barcelona-based artist Jaume Plensa in front of the Bow Tower.

A piece of public art in downtown Calgary.

A piece of public art in downtown Calgary

The place of art remains a source of both discussion and contention between Calgarians. In fact, a recent installation on 96 Avenue NE raised public outcry. Titled Travelling Light, the piece is a blue metal ring representing the wheel. Outrage focused on the expense of the installation – a total cost of $471,000.

However, the city only allocates one per cent of its overall budget to the funding of public art installations and displays. This initiative aims to make art available to all Calgarians.

Loss and Gain of Art Space

A 2012 federal initiative focused on supporting the arts in the city through community development. Through events, artistic grants and collaborative exchange, it aimed to build a stronger arts community before ending at the start of 2013.

Despite the support for the arts in Calgary, lack of space for artists still remains an issue. The announcement of the closure of art spaces such as Art Central downtown has increased the number of artists struggling for space. However, recent developments offer new spaces for artists to work.

One notable example is the announcement that King Edward School in Marda Loop will be remodelled into an arts space in the upcoming year. Providing offices for arts organizations as well as studios and workshops for artists, the project could open up some much needed space in the city.

The Future of Art Space in Calgary

Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary

Along with the development of King Edward School into a space for artists and non-profit organizations to use, several other new initiatives aimed at the arts community in Calgary are taking place in 2014.

The Museum of Contemporary Art has merged with the Art Gallery of Calgary and the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art to form one organization, operating under the name Contemporary Calgary. The organization aims to educate and inform the public about contemporary art.

Calgary Arts Development has also launched a strategy to inform the public and stimulate the growth of the arts in the city. The project is called Living a Creative Life, and it is the result of two years of planning.

Focusing on artistic incubation and exchange, youth education and building creative communities, this initiative aims to make the arts available to everyone in the city through education and development.

The Alberta Society of Artists is looking forward to seeing where these new initiatives take the arts community in 2014!

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