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Tatianna Odonnell, ASA


My passion for art has been a part of me ever since I can remember. I was drawing and painting at quite a young age and when I was old enough, I   started art classes at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. At that time Arthur   Lismer was the director of the school, and I will always remember him coming into the studio to see the students work. A few years ago I had the opportunity to spend six months in Paris, where I informally studied art, completing many sketches, taking photographs and gathering material for my   work.

My work has been included in various juried shows throughout the country as well as solo exhibitions. They are included in many collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the University of Alberta Children’s Hospital. I have been an artist-in-residence at the Arctic Institute in the Yukon, the Leighton Center, Columbia Icefields, Num-Ti Jah Lodge and most recently the Banff Centre.

My paintings are about the rhythm and soul of the subject. It is an exploration of shape, contour, line and texture, the very basics of art and   imagery. The spirit of the land, or still life comes with me into my studio   and is translated onto the canvas. I photograph and sketch on site and then use these as a stepping stone onto the canvas.

I now paint in oils after many years of working in acrylics. I enjoy the fluidity, the movement and sensuousness of the paint on the canvas.   still work in acrylic and now use a Polymer medium mixed in with the acrylic paint to increase the flow and lengthen the drying time as well as enhance  gloss. I also enjoy experimenting with layers of textured canvas, using   various varnishes and other oil painting techniques depending on my subject.

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