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Submission Application : The Artist’s Lens 2019

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Historical Highlights of the ASA

Historical Highlights of the Alberta Society of Artists The organization experienced significant changes since 1931 The Alberta Society of Artists has existed for 83 years, making it the oldest association of professional artists in the province. Established in 1931, perhaps the first major struggle that the society

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Challenges of Critiquing Modern Art with Traditional Methods

Challenges of Critiquing Modern Art with Traditional Methods Technological developments complicate conventional evaluations The guidelines for critiquing artwork existed long before the birth of the technological age, where current innovations enable artists to create multimedia, digital and new media artworks. So are the traditional methods of critiquing

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Understanding Artpop through the Birth of Venus

Understanding Artpop through The Birth of Venus Lady Gaga takes inspiration from Botticelli in newest album While the visual arts have always played a prominent role in Lady Gaga’s musical career, evident in her costumes and the symbolism appearing in her music videos, she makes a clear

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ASA and TREX Address

Crossroads Art Centre
#302 - 1235 26th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1R7
ASA Phone: (403) 265-0012
TREX Phone: (403) 262-4669

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