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Mary Deeprose, ASA

For me, painting is the physical action of expressing impressions, memories and emotions. Colour in particular, has always been a very important part of my work, initiated by my teenage explorations mixing colour in oils for flower and nature paintings. Life progressed with an Education degree from the University of Alberta and time in Europe studying weaving, plus additional courses at Banff School of Fine Arts which drew me into the creative world of fibre arts.

Years later I returned to painting, exploring many mediums and styles. My present style varies from impressionistic landscapes to abstract. A curious nature has led to innovative experiments with my current medium, a Pebeo product. This solvent based ink, which I encountered on a visit to Australia years ago, is like fluid acrylic, but very transparent. It is applied on paper, often in layers, seldom using brushes. Then the joy of creativity begins, exploring the outer limits of the medium and the expression of mood which I can reach through working with colour, while simultaneously the painting develops its own path. The medium lends itself to monotypes and the addition of gels for texture. No two paintings are alike, just a joyous blending of colour, along with a collaborating hand on composition and design. Each painting is an exciting experience.

Watercolour, my chosen medium for many years, acrylic, collage, encaustics, and the fibre arts–including weaving and quilting, have all been part of my creative ‘colour’ journey.

Art is more than the expression of technical expertise, it is the expression of not only how I see, but how I feel about the world. When colours, moving in harmony, interacting in surprising ways, or contrasting with delicate neutrals, can invite and speak to a viewer that — for this artist, is a joy indeed.

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