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Featured Artist for June 10: Eveline Kolijin, BFA, ASA

Featured Artist: Eveline Kolijin, BFA, ASA   Biography Eveline Kolijn is a Dutch-Canadian artist whose interest in the biological sciences and concern for the environment is expressed through printmaking and sculptural installations made from found synthetic materials. Her interests were encouraged by an international childhood spent in

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Featured Artist for June 10: Asta Dale, BFA, ASA

Featured Artist: Asta Dale, BFA, ASA Biography Asta was born in Germany and had her primary and secondary schooling during and after the Second World War. She completed her Nursing Training in Hamburg and moved to London, England, where she did some postgraduate studies for State Registered

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Featured Artist for June 3: Terra McDonald, MFA, ASA

Featured Artist: Terra McDonald, MFA, ASA  Biography Terra McDonald is a Canadian born artist. She graduated from The Alberta College of Art & Design, BFA Painting (with Distinction) and she received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary. Currently, Terra is the Gallery Administrator

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Featured Artist for June 3: Arlene Hobbs, ASA

Featured Artist: Arlene Hobbs, ASA Biography Arlene Hobbs was born in Saskatchewan and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Her passion for art started at an early age and she took numerous art courses. In 1979 she began her formal art studies at the Alberta College of Art, then

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Featured Artist for May 27th: Diane Howard Langlois, ASA

Featured Artist: Diane Howard Langlois, ASA Biography I am both an artist and a social scientist, an extreme painter dedicated to painting the most remote, desolate and inhospitable regions of the world. My career began as a radio and television news reporter, so you could say I

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Featured Artist for May 27th: Wade Stout, ASA

Featured Artist: Wade Stout, ASA Biography Wade graduated from the University of Calgary with a Masters of Science in 1982. Since that time he has been practicing art! Part of his work has been the exploration of Shakespearean texts in a visual manner. He says, ” Art,

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Featured Artist for May 20th: Kathleen Ellen Theriault, ASA

Featured Artist: Kathleen Ellen Theriault, ASA Biography Kathleen Theriault graduated from The Alberta College of Art with a major in Painting and an Emphasis in Drawing and began her career as an illustrator, graphic designer and art instructor in Canada, Australia and South Asia. Kathleen is an

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Featured Artist for May 20th: Pamela Copeland, ASA

Featured Artist: Pamela Copeland, ASA Biography Born in Vancouver, BC, in 1956, Pamela was raised in Alberta. Her interest and passion for art has always been near at hand, manifested in school projects, art clubs and piles of sketchbooks throughout her early years. Marriage and raising a

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Featured Artist for May 13: Jermaine Wunderley, BFA, ASA

Featured Artist: Jermaine Wunderley, BFA, ASA Biography After an early start in education the artist returned to the University of Alberta to complete a BFA in painting and drawing in 1987. Over the years many workshops and mediums were explored as surroundings and situations changed including monotypes,

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Featured Artist for May 13th: Dawn Heinemeyer, ASA

Featured Artist: Dawn Heinemeyer, ASA Biography Whether it is a single flower, the transforming vistas of nature or the weathered features of a cowboy, Dawn Heinemeyer gives a close up of what is often walked by and taken for granted.  A glimpse into simple beauty of all

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