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Take a look at what happened at our Annual General Meeting!

Take a look at what happened at our AGM! April 19, 2015 at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium   The Alberta Society of Artists would like to thank everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting this year! Over 50 members of the Alberta Society of Artists attended

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Welcome to a new year with the ASA!

Welcome to a new year at the Alberta Society of Artists! Changes to expect in 2015   The Alberta Society of Artists is pleased to welcome new and returning members to another year of exhibitions and events. A lot of changes have happened here in the past

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Remembering Canada’s War Artists

Remembering Canada’s War Artists Painters portrayed what camera could not interpret Many countries have employed artists to portray and preserve the experiences of war, including Austria, New Zealand, Britain, Belgium, the United States and Canada. During the First and Second World War, Canada selected many artists to

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The Unsettling Art of Francis Bacon

The Unsettling Art of Francis Bacon British artist focused on themes and variations “Three new canvases by Bacon prove him once more to be the most astonishingly sinister artist in London, and one of the most original.” – Wyndham Lewis Francis Bacon was born in 1909 and

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Horror and the Artwork of Francisco Goya

Horror and the artwork of Francisco Goya Artist explored madness and fantasy   This October, the Alberta Society of Artists is going to take a look at some artists who have explored themes of horror in their artwork in honor of Halloween. The first artist in this

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Art in Autumn

Autumn Art Artists depict season’s rich symbolism “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus Autumn arrives with September, as the leaves begin to turn different shades of colour and fall off the trees as the nights grow longer. Many artists,

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Art Programs in Alberta

Art Education in Alberta Fine arts programs offer valuable experience During September this year, students of all ages will be going back to school. Some of these students will be attending a fine arts school – whether at an elementary, junior, senior or post-secondary level. The Alberta

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New Art Spaces in Calgary

New Art Spaces in Calgary Openings in the city for artists The closure of Art Central downtown has left many artists searching for new studios and galleries to showcase their artwork in the city. After the closure of the final two remaining spaces in the building on

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Art in Unexpected Places

Art in Unexpected Places Depending on how you look at it, art is everywhere around us When people think of the arts, often what first comes to mind is the fine arts – paintings and sculptures restricted to galleries and museums. However, expanding the definition of art

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The Influence of Perception in Artwork

The Influence of Perception in Artwork Perspective of the artist affects the content of the piece The visual arts rely upon a sense of perception – in both the viewer’s observation of the piece and the personal insights of the artist. The Alberta Society of Artists is

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