2019 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Kayla Bleoo

University of Alberta

Artist Statement
The five artworks submitted, ​Millennials are Killing​, ​Cigarette Daydreams, Purple and Yellow, Slash, and ​Fabric, ​all represent my internal growth as a person and as an artist throughout my first year and a half of university. ​Slash​ being the oldest, represents a time of uncertainty; the artistic expression of me finding my footing within a new environment. Both ​Purple and Yellow, ​and ​Fabric, ​reflect on my time of rapid learning. During these paintings as an artist I was using the assigned parameters and subject matter to explore and push the limits of my ability as an artist. The final two works, ​Cigarette Daydreams​ and Millenials are Killing, ​were creations that are evident of my love for the medium. Being new to printmaking, the making of these pieces taught me to work with the medium and not against it. Both artworks freed me from the constraints of the idea of perfection and allowed me to focus on the process of the print with little regard for the end aesthetic. All my works document my personal and artistic growth as I learn something new from each piece I create in my career.



Laurel Scott 

University of Lethbridge

Artist Statement
I was taught, alike others, that love is the most important thing in life. Love saves, mends, equalizes, brings together and tears apart. In building relationships with others, we risk harm and hurt all to find intimacy and a sense of love. I am fascinated with how we represent love, the forms that it takes, and the connections we draw from it. Portraying our conceptions of love brings forth questions of their tenability, integrity, realness and instability.
Throughout my time at the University of Lethbridge I have found that my art practice has continued to revolve around an exploration of love and intimacy. Through mediums of printmaking, drawing, and painting, I have focused on my interest in portrayals of love, representing forms of intimacy, romance, and relationships. Now entering my third year of study I have more opportunity for individual studio practices, with which I plan on using to continue this project, further researching the history of love and the possible future of love, as well as exploring forms of performance and documentation.

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