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 Featured Artist, Kara Straub, ASA

Dialogue With Poetry

Kara Straub, Dialogue With Poetry


Kara Straub is an Alberta artist living in Edmonton.  As an artist, Kara’s first loves have been acrylics, oils, print making and collage.  Now you’ll find Kara consumed by encaustics.   Wax nestled in small vessels on a heated palette, a heat gun, paint bushes and various manipulative tools are part of her process.  She is drawn to musty and earthen tones, and then quickly, she’ll turn toward using pops of colour we are too familiar with.  It’s playful to her. Artistic inspiration began at an early age.  Growing up in rural Alberta she was surrounded by diverse beauty that was often explored through outdoor pursuits.  Creating art was a natural extension to this beauty and led to her obtaining an art minor at Walla Walla College in Walla Walla, Washington. Kara’s years of formal art instruction contribute to the chances that she is taking in her work.  Themes of movement, challenge, and newness play in her work.  Polarity emerges as her interest in capturing Alberta’s historical and dynamic landscape unfolds in her diverse body of work.  Her desire is to leave you with the feeling of wanting to see more.

Q&A with the ASA

ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?

Kara: I’ve received formal art instruction from several incredible instructors; however, those that currently influence my work include: Judy Wise, Martha Mason and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Abstract expressionist artists that I am drawn to include: Jackson Pollock and Lousie Nevelson. Inspiring Encaustic Artist include: Canadian- Tony Sherman and American- Jasper Johns. Local artist: Les Thomas’ work with his use of geometric form and nature/animals is also very inspiring – I love the warmth and familiarity that I drawn from his work.

Finding the Mystery

Kara Straub, Finding the Mystery

ASA: Which body of your work would you consider most successful to date?

Kara: Nov. 29. 2016, Reflections. Open Studio show. Featured 53 original encaustic works of art.  Both encaustic monoprints and paintings on cradled board. The “Reflections” show challenged each attendee to slow down and observe the changing quality of nature, community and themselves within the work.   Polarizing themes of newness  and historical imagery  themes were presented.  Each viewer was presented with the opportunity to reflect and find places where silence and peace settle. As well,  a personal goal was reached that supports educating the public with how this unique medium is used to generate the work through the demonstrates provided.

Reality of Purpose

Kara Straub, Reality of Purpose



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