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Featured Artist, Patricia Jones, BFA, ASA


Patricia Jones, Poppies


Pat Jones has been an exhibiting artist, Art Educator and Arts Administrator in Calgary for over 40 years. Her art career  began as an adult with Extension courses at the Alberta College of Art in the ’70’s and continued on by re-entering her uncompleted Bachelor of Education degree, U. of C., minoring in Drawing/Painting with Ron Spickett . Her strong, visual childhood memories of prairie space, garden flowers, trees and mountains and of the continuum of time continues to influence her image making. Initially known as a plein-air watercolorist she says that she has always loved the “process” of developing an idea or depicting a specific image and continually studied a wide range of techniques for best expression.  Printmaking held a particular attraction leading to 7 years work in Studio JKE during the ’80’s using Eslers’ etching presses and to workshops with Jeremy Mayne and Kyra Fisher and a foray into Japanese stencil techniques.

In 1975 Pat was a Founding Director of the Centennial Gallery, Calgary and she has exhibited in various Alberta galleries in Banff, Red Deer and High River, plus the Kensington and Arts on Atlantic Gallery, Calgary. Selections of her work have toured in Japan, Korea and Ontario and continues to be shown in ASA juried shows and at the Centennial and appears in many private and public collections, including the Foundation of the Arts, AB and the Canada Council collection.  She taught and then administered the children’s Enriched Art Art Program, ’70’s, Dept. of Cont. Ed, Calgary Public School Board and then community based adult plein-air painting workshops in both Calgary and in rural communities, and at the Red Deer College Summer School of the Arts, ’80’s & ’90’s.  She also designed and taught an innovative  two-semester painting/drawing class at the Leighton Center, Calgary for 8 winters.

 Juried into the ASA in ’84, she was on the Provincial Council as both Vice-president and President of the Provincial Board, 84-’88; a member of the Advisory Committee for the publication of ‘Alberta Society of Artists, the First Seventy Years”, University of Calgary Press, 2000. She has acted as a jury member for exhibitions and the membership committee, and been both a demonstrator and teacher for ASA workshops.   She says that her experiences co-ordinating the educational components for SHARING VISIONS,’84 – ’86, a travelling exchange exhibition, between the ASA and Japanese  venues and Alberta venues plus the society’s other major Ontario/Alberta exchange exhibition that followed, bothI matured her administrative capabilities  and  broadened her artistic horizons.   She received 3 separate travel grants to Japan,’80s, from Alberta Culture and says that the exposure to the Japanese aesthetic and their fine craftsmanship influenced her work greatly heightening her awareness of subtle technical details with a widening of image-making perspective.

Q&A with the ASA

ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?


Patricia Jones, Winter Solstice

Pat: Yes, I had no art instruction growing up in a small rural community but always hungered to draw and color.   I remember illustrating history and geography assignments in elementary school just as an added touch and after several years of teaching, my marriage and then beginning a young family, I tentatively reached out to an unknown art community.

I began with representational watercolor painting, particularly enjoying the transparencies it affords. To this day I work almost exclusively with water based mediums. J. K. Esler was a significant influence to me with his highly disciplined work ethic and the medium itself forced me away from my facility with watercolor, resulting in dealing with ideas, my growing awareness of my love of texture and exploring more abstractive work.  As well, my eager students at the Leighton Center kept forcing me to design new workshops which included a wider variety of mediums, with reciprocal effects on my own explorations. The symbolism of Spicketts work and his encouragement meant much to me as did the extended critique-based workshops at Grande Prairie and near Red Deer that I attended led by Les Graff.

ASA: Which body of your work would you consider most successful to date?

Pat: My mixed-media collage work which began about 15 years ago is my most creative work to date.   One of my major interests has been the  exploration of a wide range of techniques and methods to find a  satisfactory expression of my ideas. Many of these techniques are now incorporated together into a newer picture that pushes the boundaries of my imager-making.  They may tell a biographical story, interpret a theme or depict realistic imagery, such as a a  landscape or a blossom and almost exclusively contain some examples of Japanese papers.  I have a  love affair with the transparencies and textures of Japanese papers whose properties echo my own textural  brush marks and watercolor techniques. The papers take hand-dying beautifully and when overlaid and then painted upon produce new shapes with opportunities of explorations on the surface, pushing me away from more prosaic interpretations of my chosen theme.   If looked at closely an image may contain pieces of old etchings or Japanese stencil work, photographic images, opaque or transparent paint or charcoal or colored pencil lines. The different materials are always worked with as much subtlety as possible to make an entire whole.


Patricia Jones, The Miners Path

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