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  Featured Artist, Pat Strakowski, ASA

L’Alchimiste 2013

Pat Strakowski, L’Alchimiste


Pat Strakowski graduated  from the Alberta College of Art and Design (formerly Alberta College of Art) in 1979.  She created mixed media paper mache sculptures each endowed with a mystic personality and powerful soul.  Her use of found objects and embellishments transformed each sculpture from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Over the years her sculptures were shown locally, nationally and internationally.  These artworks are in numerous private and public collections. In 2009 Frontenac House published “Moon Nibbler, The Art Of Pat Strakowski.” About ten years ago Pat Strakowski became interested in using books for her artistic expression.  She used ready-made books destined for the landfill, alter their appearance and change their character into something new.  She also hand bound books using different materials and unusual papers.  Her intent was to allow the viewer to see a common, familiar object in a different way.

Q&A with the ASA

 ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?

Pat: My Slavic background is my primary influence.  I remember my father telling me stories from the “old country”.  He also played Ukrainian music on his violin.  My mother ‘s special talents were embroidery and making Ukrainian Easter eggs. I was an avid reader from an early age and I loved going to the movies.  When I became an adult I travelled to places that were different from familiar ones in Canada.


Pat Strakowski, Dementia

ASA: Which body of work would you consider most successful to date?

Pat: That is hard to say as each body of work involves a lot of commitment and time.  I like to work with themes – to take them as far as I can before I do something new.  Each body of work has its perks.  Now my interest with books is taking a familiar object and changing it – where the ordinary is seen in a different way.

Book of Hands

Pat Strakowski, Book of Hands

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