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Featured Artist: Tammy Woolgar, ASA


Tammy Woolgar, Heatwave


Tammy Woolgar spends her days dancing in paint and loves traveling the world in search of artistic inspiration. She is inspired by colour and light, movement and textures, natural forms contrasting against man-made objects and the interplay between them. Her paintings emerge from places she has experienced. Whether it’s majestic trees rising from the earth to embrace the sun, Muskoka chairs in a colourful garden, or rusty trucks standing in a row in a farmer’s field, Tammy sees that the objects are alive and each have their own character. Colours burst on the canvas in thick, textured brushstrokes and an impression is captured; her vision expressed. Recently, Tammy’s work was chosen for the ‘#YEGCANVAS’ public art exhibition mounted by the Edmonton Arts Council and Pattison Outdoor Advertising. Her painting, ‘Very Prairie’ was showcased on a 10’x20′ outdoor billboard in Edmonton.


Q&A with the ASA

ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?

Tammy: I’d have to say my current influence is my 16 year old niece. She was born with an insatiable art instinct, so much so that her mother is certain that there are ‘cave drawings’ on the interior of her womb. My niece’s bravery and curiosity to try anything and be open to everything is dazzling to me. She inspires me just as I inspired her when she would come over to my studio to paint when she was 5 years old.

ASA: Which body of your work would you consider most successful to date?


Tammy Woolgar, Elemental

Tammy: First of all, any time spent in the studio creating is a successful day. There’s that brilliant moment when the painting has it’s own identity – that’s success to me. A current series that I enjoy working on are my Road Trip paintings.
My truck and car paintings are really about character. These old vehicles beckon me with the lives they have lived. They seem to have taken on the personality of all their previous owners. Their weathered faces showing the number of hard-working summers they’ve spent in the sun. I want to hear all the stories that shine from their eyes. They pulled, built, carried…so much action and doing…they want to roar back to life and get on with the job. I can’t imagine our Alberta landscape without them.

Tammy Woolgar Very Prairie

Tammy Woolgar, Very Prairie

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