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Featured Artist: Pamela Copeland, ASA

Pamela Copeland, Rocky Ridge


Born in Vancouver, BC, in 1956, Pamela was raised in Alberta. Her interest and passion for art has always been near at hand, manifested in school projects, art clubs and piles of sketchbooks throughout her early years. Marriage and raising a family became the main focus for Pamela and her formal training in art initially consisted of a couple weekend beginner workshops in 1987. In 2000, she began pursuing her love of art more seriously through the University of Alberta at the Faculty of Extension.

While attending classes in pastels, drawing and printmaking, Pamela worked under the guidance of her mentor, Ron Wigglesworth. She continues to develop and refine her skills in printmaking and pastels and is expanding into acrylics and oils.

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Pamela Copeland, Sierra


Q & A with the ASA

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

Pamela: I have not had truly “formal” training and study, so I cannot say that I have been influenced to any great degree by one or two historical artists. I feel that I am influenced on a more continuing basis. I respond to light and color in others works, past and present, and strive to interpret both in my work as well. To my surprise and utter delight, a wide variety of styles and mediums spur me to stretch my own limits, and I am worried that I have only one life in which to do all that I desire to do!

ASA: What do you consider your most successful body of work to date?

Pamela Copeland, Riverbed

Pamela: My most recent show, “Kindling for the Soul” was successful both financially and in how it was received by those who viewed it. It encompassed a variety of landscape pieces drawn from inspiring spots in southern Alberta. The natural world always has and will continue to pull me to it in various ways – I am able to ground myself and reach into those places inside myself that connect me with the natural world. Connection with the earth and all she provides, in all her diversity, helps to create my peace within. I strive to capture some of those heartfelt moments and visions in my work in order that others may experience them as well.




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