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Featured Artist: Dawn Heinemeyer, ASA

Three Sisters

Dawn Heinemeyer, Three Sisters


Whether it is a single flower, the transforming vistas of nature or the weathered features of a cowboy, Dawn Heinemeyer gives a close up of what is often walked by and taken for granted.  A glimpse into simple beauty of all that surrounds us.

Born in Montreal and raised in Calgary, she spent countless hours drawing during her childhood.   It wasn’t until 1992 that Dawn decided to concentrate on unique and detailed watercolours.

Being self-taught has given her work a certain freshness and vitality.  Her unique style and intense detail has taken watercolours to a new dimension.

Since Dawn began painting, she has enjoyed much success.  Dawn has won numerous awards in local art shows and competitions. Her work is displayed across Canada and is part of many private and public collections in the United States and Europe.  She lives with her family in Calgary near Fish Creek Park where the ever changing presence of nature is a constant inspiration to her and her work.


Dawn Heinemeyer, Canned!

Q & A with the ASA  

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

Dawn: I think what influenced me most was spending childhood summers on a very remote grain farm in Saskatchewan.  There was no indoor plumbing, electricity or running water.  Being remote also meant having to amuse myself which I spent countless hours exploring and playing on old machinery left behind by previous generations to rust.  I was intrigued by the old farm machines, their complexity but at the same time the simple beauty in iron tractor seat or set of gears.  I loved how metal rusted, old paint peeled around a window frame and the gentle pattern of corrugated steel.  I learned to love and appreciate the simplicity of rural life and practices.

ASA: What would you consider to be your most successful body of work?


Dawn Heinemeyer, Cognition

Dawn:  I would have to say my most successful body of work would be “The State of the Art” series and “Tools of the Trade”, not just from a sales perspective but personal satisfaction as well.  I spent a couple of years locating and photographing old farm and oil rig machinery.   I find it interesting that in a ‘throw away’ society where there is always something newer and better, that everything can claim ‘state of the art’ for a moment.  These machines and tools have stood the test of time and have become an integral part of our culture, history and way of life.  It saddens me to see them rusting in fields, their former glory long forgotten, their usefulness unneeded.  This series captured the beauty of their form and function giving them a new ‘state of the art’.


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