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Featured Artist: Jermaine Wunderley, BFA, ASA

118A-P111 A New Dawn

Jermaine Wunderley, A New Dawn


After an early start in education the artist returned to the University of Alberta to complete a BFA in painting and drawing in 1987. Over the years many workshops and mediums were explored as surroundings and situations changed including monotypes, calligraphy and bookmaking. A fascination with Africa and travel there resulted in a solo exhibition at the Rice Gallery, prolific oriental poppies in the yard resulted in a solo show of monotypes at Muttart Conservatory. Personal grief needed expression in the solo show “Tributes – Personal Portraits and Poetry”. For this artist there has always been a need to respond to changing circumstances for expression or oftentimes there may be a need to work with various color combinations as in the figurative series “Costumes” and the abstracted landscapes in “Reflections”.

The artist has served as a volunteer in board positions for ASA, Festival Place, and A Safe Place. In 2012 the artist was appointed the Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Foundation.

121A-P142Spring Thaw

Jermaine Wunderley, Spring Thaw

Q & A with the ASA

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

116A-P101 Storm

Jermaine Wunderley, Storm

Jermaine: Emily Carr, Monet, Van Gogh and Lauren Harris of the Group of Seven are major influences. The color combinations they used and the vibrancy they produced was extraordinary. Current technique in abstracted landscapes reference the work of the Surrealists by allowing chance happenings to be incorporated.

ASA: What would you consider your most successful body of work to date?

Jermaine:If success is measured by the greatest appreciation from the largest audience the Masai watercolor series would qualify but the recent abstractions have also been widely accepted. The artist has produced seven solo shows and been part of many group exhibitions. Work is included in Strathcona County Permanent Collections and many private collections locally and internationally.



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