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Featured Artist: Audrey Pfannmuller, ASA



AA Pfannmuller Refuge 34x20

Audrey Pfannmuller, Refuge


As long as I can remember I have had a passion for color and design. I began my studies with fashion design and landscaping then moved into the Certificate Art Program at UofA. Extension.   As I grew up in a rural area, I wanted to share this passion with as many people as possible. In 1976, now a widow with two babies, I opened an art gallery in Camrose, Alberta where I could connect with people of all ages. It is in this environment that I continue to grow, share and explore my love of art.

The efficiency of pastels allowed me to continue creating as I shared my expression with the outside world. Through a variety of courses in metaphysics and art techniques, I continued to grow creatively bringing a new awareness of the value of mark making to my work. I moved into mixed media of acrylics and oils which predominate my work at this point.

Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, whether from nature, memory, emotions or the unknown, it is through the process of mark making with a personal choice of materials, that the image reveals itself on the canvas. It is in this process that I find an exhilaration and liveliness and if I am able to pass that excitement onto others with the finished work of art, then I have been justly rewarded.

The creative process continues after the artist has completed their part. It is now in the hands and eyes of the viewer and their choice of including it in their space to inspire their own expression of artistic ideas. People are creative beings and in this way we are co-creators and continually linked together in the human experience

My activities in my community and the art world have given me great joy as I continue to support todays emerging artists in any way possible.

AA Pfannmuller Flying 30x48

Audrey Pfannmuller, Flying

Q & A with the ASA

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

Audrey: From the very onset I have been influenced by color and texture. The work of the Impressionists and especially, VanGogh have always inspired me. The boldness of the Group of Seven have also left a strong influence on my canvases. But ultimately, it is the power and dynamics of the land we are privileged to reside, expand and grow in that has left the strongest energetic mark on my work.

ASA: What would you consider to be your most successful body of work to date?

Audrey: Operating a business full time has always proven a challenge to do series of works. So my most successful are the ones when I can capture a segment of time to get in the flow and stay focused on a certain theme before it expands. I recently did a series of collages for the Bailey Theater which I felt   completed the message I had to impart to the community. As it was totally different from my other work, it took me outside my normal process and expanded my skills. That is the success for me.

AA Pfannmuller Born Living 20x36

Audrey Pfannmuller, Born Living

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