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Featured Artist: Peggy Gahn, BFA, ASA


Peggy Gahn, B & G, 2009. Oil on panel. 9 x 9"

Peggy Gahn, B & G, 2009. Oil on panel. 9 x 9″


Since 1996, Peggy has been using a straightedge, compass and pencils to create drawings on panels
ready for paint. Originally she was using these tools to draw a geometric quatrefoil for a commission
proposal being prepared for an Edmonton Anglican church.
Peggy didn’t get the commission but she did get a SUBJECT…the geometry of the Quatrefoil, four lobes
with ‘barbs’ where the lobes meet. The quatrefoil and barbed quatrefoil appear throughout the history
of architecture and painting providing a starting point for her pictures. Choosing the size, drawing the
shape, deciding what part to emphasize…the outside edge or the interior lines which reveal a cross
became her interest over the next several years.
Recently Peggy has become more interested in lines and circles, on there own, apart from any geometric
form. Colour has become the most important element.




Peggy Gahn, Urban Colour, 2006. Oil on panel. 18 x 18"

Peggy Gahn, Urban Colour

Q & A with the ASA

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

Peggy: After finding a subject to paint I started to look at artists I admired and how they used colour. Richard Diebenkorn, Howard Hodgkin, Ivon Hitchens, Georgia O’Keefe, David Hockney, these are the artists I still look to.

ASA: What do you consider to be your most successful body of work to date?

Peggy: My paintings are done mostly in two sizes 9” x 9” and 18” x 18”.  The smaller pictures have been the most satisfying and successful.


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