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Featured Artist: Rosalette Mandryk, ASA

Gracious Nod, Rosalette Mandryk

Gracious Nod, Rosalette Mandryk


Like life, painting  is both an inner and outer journey. For this reason painting is more than a mere recreation.  It is an adventure that rejuvenates, one which encourages one to wrestle with new revelations,
understandings and ways of seeing. To learn anew whatever one is able to perceive, to assimilate these insights and ultimately release them onto canvas, panel or paper.Her  adventure in painting was totally unplanned.  In the early  70’s while a Design Arts student at Grant MacEwan University, the  instructor suggested investing in oil paints.  Thus began a new, captivating adventure.Next semester, Rosalette  enrolled in the Fine Arts Major.Her  learning continued as she took ever so many painting work shops as well as the “Summer Series” at Red Deer College. This is where Rosalette took the Monotype Printmaking course, the body of work that perhaps has been her most successful. She  also studied ‘Old Master’ painting technique at the U of A extension.  For this technique one needs the patience of a Saint, same goes for the Monotype prints.

View from Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Rosalette Mandryk

View from Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Rosalette Mandryk

Rosalette  also enrolled in numerous Art History classes with the extension department of U of A. All this learning gave her the confidence to volunteer for several years as a docent at the Edmonton Gallery of Art  where she met so many wonderful people.

Her volunteer work as Exhibition co-ordinator for the Alberta Society of Artists included the Sixty-fifth anniversary of the organization with a major travelling exhibition. The very successful and attractive 65th Anniversary Catalogue “SYMBOLS IN CIVILIZATION” was her responsibility.  Ross Bradley was immensely helpful.

For a painter, it is through his or her chosen medium, not words, that visions are expressed, experiences distilled and expressions communicated.  Rosalette’s only hope is that above will give a key to her aim, which is always, to turn her feelings, sensations and emotions into colours, shapes and forms on canvas and paper.

Rainforest, Amazon, Rosalette Mandryk

Rainforest, Amazon, Rosalette Mandryk

 Q&A with the ASA

ASA: Can you tell us about your influences?

Rosalette: I was viewing paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, away back in 1962— before I even dreamt I would paint.  I was totally enraptured by a large floral painting.  I stood mesmerized for a good fifteen minutes.
Looking back it must have been a painting by Monet.  Somewhere deep in my psyche this Monet must have unconsciously
influenced me.
ASA: What would you consider to be your most successful body of work to date?  
Rosalette: Perhaps my mono prints would be my most successful body of works. The 2005 Feb. issue of the Alberta Society of Artists “Highlights” magazine stated “Rayma Paterson, ASA, wrote and illustrated an ART 30 course for “Alberta Distance Learning”. The course follows the Alberta Curriculum for Grade 12 and  Alberta Society of Artist member Rosalette Mandryk’s Monoprints will be featured as a form of printmaking.”

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