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Featured Artist: Maria Muszynski, ASA

Muszynski Kiss Me

Maria Muszynski, Kiss Me


Maria Muszynski is a graduate of the University of Calgary and is currently employed with the Calgary Catholic School District, teaching in a gifted program at a local junior high school. Maria has used her talents to do illustration, graphic design, set/costume design, and has worked as a festival administrator, researcher, writer, journal editor and entrepreneur. She is a longtime member of the Burns Visual Arts Society collective and the Alberta Society of Artists. Maria has also expanded her talents and passion into the study of the sacred arts exploring traditional art methods and forms such as iconography, calligraphy and illumination through the St. Mary’s University Sacred Arts program.

Maria Muszynski works in all media though her favorite, by far, is charcoal. She is a drawer first and foremost and loves the immediacy of the drawn line which can then be manipulated, layered, and expanded upon. The subject matter varies – from simple wooden toys to nature and found objects – but it is the interplay of light and shadow, the mysteriousness of the space in which the objects exist and interact that most fascinates her and is the focus of her work. The objects always have a story to tell and Maria considers herself the storyteller.

Maria Muszynski’s works are represented in the Alberta Foundation for the Arts collection and many private collections across North America.


Muszynski Thought and Memory

Maria Muszynski, Thought and Memory


What are my influences?

My influences vary from iconic artists like Van Gogh for his passionate brushstrokes and use of colour to Chagall with his dream-like drawing and surreal spaces, to Renaissance masters Botticelli and Lippi, whom I gained a new appreciation for after a trip to Italy this last May. Contemporary artists like Carol Moppet, John Will, Ron Spickett, were influential in my formative years as well. I enjoy finding new ways of incorporating inspirations from other artists into my work and being part of the BVAS collective lets me do just that. The world fascinates me – I am constantly challenged to push the boundaries of what is real in my work. I love to explore and learn new techniques which creep into my art making. My current love is egg tempera. Sometimes it’s by observing and experimenting other times it is by fortuitous mistakes. I love mistakes.

What body of work is most successful?

My studio is a study in dichotomy – evenly split into two distinct styles. On one side are the surreal, moody charcoal toy series with their strange shadows and interacting shapes which I have done for a long time. The other side of the studio is permeated with my mixed-media conceptual realism pieces in which bits of natural flotsam float in abstract random backgrounds imbued with intense shots of colour. There has been great response to these as well.


Maria Muszynski, Spinning Spirits: Earth and Air

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