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Featured Artist: Doris Charest, BFA, ASA, SCA

Doris Charest1

Doris Charest, Aout sur les prairies/ August on the prairies


Nature, music and the world around her inspires Doris Charest, BFA, ASA, SCA. Mixed media is Doris’ favorite favorite form of painting. She loves exploring with textures, shapes, and a more contemporary look. Doris has both a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Masters in Visual Art Education. Her love of texture won her the Allessandra Bisselli Award and a First Place in a Still Life show with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. Look for Doris Charest’s work in the American Magazine: Sommerset Studio (Summer, 2007) and British Magazine: Leisure Painter. Both feature a three pages of Doris’ artwork. She won the Sylvie Brabant award in 2011 for her work in the art community. In 2013 Doris won first place for her still life painting ‘Blossom’s with the FCA in Vancouver. Doris’ courses on Mixed Media are now available online at a site called: Udemy.com. Join her in the joys of creating mixed media.

Doris Charest 2

Doris Charest, Octobre/October


ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?
Doris: Nature is my biggest influence but in terms of artists, I love artists that use a lot of color and texture like Monet, Mary Cassatt or Van Gogh. Contemporary artists that I really like include Robert Burrige, Scott Burdock, John Lovett and Susan Lyon. I love the textures created by brushstrokes and the vibrant colours. The more modern look with loose brushstrokes appeals to me as does semi-abstract imagery with hidden elements in the composition.

Doris Charest 3

Doris Charest, New Day/ Nouvelle journée

ASA: Which body of work would you consider your most successful to date?
Doris: My most successful series is my nature series. I love aerial views and skies. I get to paint textures and colours of all kinds, depending on the seasons. I like the ever changing beauty of nature. It always surprises me. Luckily, nature leaves me with a never ending source of inspiration.

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