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Featured Artist: Marina Klein, ASA

Marina Klein,

Marina Klein, Morning Shadows


I did not choose to be an artist, and like so many others my life was interrupted by children, family issues and now even grandchildren. Like so many others, I am never happy with my choice, my art, my sense of achievement. Like so many others, I am always compelled to return to the easel to try once more to follow in the footsteps of the giants who walked this path before me. I may never reach as far, but the journey, so often lost along the way, will always return me to the path I was forced onto.

Marina Klein,

Marina Klein, Pathways


ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?
Marina: Can anyone look at the “The Waterlily Pond” and not see what Monet saw? Can anyone gaze at “The Starry Night” and not feel a hint of the pain that created and then destroyed genius? So those are my influences – my life and the brilliance of the great impressionists.

ASA: Which body of work would you consider your most successful to date?

Marina Klein,

Marina Klein, Aspen Grove

Marina: Rosebud. A little hamlet turned into a landmark by one person with an idea. A nice dinner, a fabulous play and my paintings on the walls of a beautiful old church. That was my favorite work and now here are three paintings from that show.

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