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Featured Artist: Christine Mitchell, ASA

Christine Mitchell, Walk On By!

Christine Mitchell, Walk On By!


Christine Mitchell, ASA began her artistic career working in the tradition of watercolor where she explored the transparencies of the medium. To provide more vibrancy and texture in her work she introduced the opacity of gouache to contrast the different passages of the painting and experimented with line to create movement.

As she experimented with different techniques, the subject matter also began to evolve and she began to focus on individuals in her environment. Her figure work is inspired by a fleeting glimpse of a personality, human individuality or a situation. They reflect precious moments in time, solitude, interactions and relationships.

Christine Mitchell, Summer Breeze

Christine Mitchell, Summer Breeze

More recently, Christine has embraced the challenge of acrylic and mixed media as a means of creative expression and has expanded her portfolio to include landscape. Her landscapes focus not only on the foothills of Alberta, but also the undulating vistas of the Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, as well as the down land of her native England. The format and the incorporation of line still play an important role in the presentation of her semi-abstract work.

While primarily self taught, Christine has been grateful to those who have inspired her to paint and to “fall of the precipice” in order to allow her the freedom and creativity of the brushstroke.

Christine Mitchell, Benchlands

Christine Mitchell, Benchlands


ASA: Could you tell us about your influences?

Christine: I believe that our influences are acquired over time as we view the world, our surroundings and the work of previous generations of artists. My particular interest would lie more around those of the contemporary artists of the 20th century. For my figure work, one of the bigger influences in my art though, has been my work with young adults, and in particular, those that have their own personal sense of style and assurance. More recently, I have become more comfortable with the landscape I now reside in and the one that I have come from in England. These landscapes seem to collide in my memories and are resulting in a new body of work.

ASA: Which body of your work would you consider most successful to date?

Undoubtedly, my figure work is still my most successful and I still have a passion to continue this even while I am working on my new contemporary landscapes.

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