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5 Tips for Submitting your Artwork Online


As an increasing number of art galleries and organizations are beginning to accept online submissions, it is becoming more and more important for artists to know how to submit their artwork online. Here is a list of five tips that we’ve made to help artists with their artwork submissions this summer!


1. Keep a biography template on file

The majority of art galleries and organizations will want to know something about you as an artist. Therefore it is handy to keep a general biography on file to submit to exhibitions, instead of creating a new one every time.

Some things to mention in your biography include where you are from, whether you have any formal arts education, which institution you studied at and a maximum of three recent exhibitions where you have displayed your artwork. If you want to add something unique about yourself, include it here but keep it brief and to the point – try to communicate it in one sentence.

2. Write a relevant artist statement

Along with a biography, many galleries and organizations require a statement about the artwork you are submitting to their exhibition. Important information to include in this statement includes the title of the piece, the medium and date, as well as a little bit of insight into what inspired you to create the piece. For themed exhibitions, be sure to explain in your statement how your art piece is related to the theme. The artist statement is where you can get creative and show a little bit of your personality – but remember to keep it professional!

3. Provide clear photographs of the artwork

The photo of your artwork is the most important part of your submission – this is the information that the jury will be viewing as they decide whether or not to include your piece in the exhibition. There are a few steps you can take to get the best picture possible.

First, make sure that the room that you are in provides enough lighting that the picture shows up clearly on the camera. If you don’t have any professional photography equipment, simply using a well-lit room should still insure that you get a good picture. Zoom until the image fills the screen. If someone is holding the painting for you, be careful that you don’t accidentally get them in the photo!

Once you upload the image to your computer, use photo editing software to crop out the background of the picture, until only the artwork remains. Most computers come with basic photo editing programs such as Paint installed, if you don’t have access to advanced programs like Photoshop.

4. Format your files

File format is another important factor that artists tend to overlook – but if no one can open your artwork files, no one can view your work! Most organizations and galleries have specific file requirements in their submissions guidelines, but some file formats are more popular than others.

For written material such as artist statements and biographies, favoured formats include .doc, .docx and .pdf files. Most computers are capable of opening these types of files, which makes them quite popular. For images, the most popular format is .jpg files. Most cameras automatically save their photos as .jpg files.

5. Read the fine print

Most submission guidelines include information about how things will proceed if your artwork is accepted into an exhibition, and it is important to study this information because every organization and gallery has different procedures. Do they want you to pay for shipping your artwork to a venue, or will they cover all shipping costs? If you can’t pick up your artwork right away after the show, how long will they hold it for you? These are all important pieces of information that should be included on the submission form.


Following these five tips will make submitting your artwork online much easier. Good luck with your submissions this summer!

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